Winnow Into Book Worlds

Hi, I am Sunniva, the girl who can winnow into other worlds and universes, shapeshift into a canary and date hot fictional guys – if only that were true. But I do know and love the alternative to all of it, reading.

I remember loving the Geronimo Stilton series and Roald Dahl‘s books as a kid. However, what really got me into reading was Percy Jackson (you do realize I am referring to him as a person but not the book series, right?) Two years ago, I had the chance to read The Lightning Thief and I was astonished by the world, the characters and how I entered a completely different world – and I fell in love with reading.

I am not those readers who can read 100 books every year, nor am I good at English or writing. I don’t even know how to write reviews.

Then why did I even start this blog?

I scrolled through all my favorite blogs, wondering how I should do this. But then I realized that this is a place for me to be myself. Boring old me, but me. I love books, and I’m going to make damn sure everyone knows that. I don’t even know what I plan on posting, but no more excuses.

So, book blogging, here I go. Please be good to me.



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